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Taking farming in a new direction with an advanced platform for both farmers and contractors.

Get the job done or get work with Farmo



Find reliable contractors in your area who can help anytime you need something done. You easily book the services you need with a couple of clicks in Farmo.



With Farmo, you are always visible to all farmers who need your help. As soon as you finish an assignment, the invoice is sent automatically, and you're ready to tackle the next one.

What is Farmo?

Farmo makes it easy to order contractor services directly to your fields. With a couple of clicks, you describe what you need done and then get quick answers from contractors that are available near you.

You can also accept assignments in Farmo. When you receive an assignment, you receive a work order complete with details of the work and field data. When you have completed the work, you finish this, and an invoice is automatically sent to your customer.

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Farmo App

How it works

Create a new job

All your fields are in Farmo. Choose what you need to have done, and on which fields the job should be performed.

Create a new job

Contractors near you are contacted

Your job is now visible to all available farmers and contractors near you. All necessary information about your job is displayed here.

Contractors near you are contacted

Choose a contractor

You get price information, reviews and much more from all available contractors. It is now time to choose who will do the work for you.

Choose a contractor

Follow the job from wherever you are

When your contractor starts your job, you can follow the job directly on your phone. You can easily get in touch with each other through Farmo. When the job is finished, you will receive a report on the entire job.

Follow the job from wherever you are

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We will continuously publish news both here and on Facebook before our launch in January. Stay in touch, and we'll see you soon at Farmo.

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